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Bartolome Island

Bartolome is the most photographed island in the Galapagos with its distinctive lava formations including Pinnacle Rock, a large volcanic cone.

Bartolome Island

This islet is in Sullivan Bay, east of Santiago. It’s named after a British Navy officer, David Bartholomew. The main attraction is Pinnacle Rock, formed from lava from an underground volcano. Bartolome offers bird watching opportunities with Galapagos penguins and Galapagos hawks among the species seen, whilst marine life includes turtles and rays.

Bartolome landing sites

There are two landing sites.

The summit trail (dry landing) leads to a 600 metre walk that climbs an extinct lava cone to a viewpoint opposite Pinnacle Rock where you’ll have panoramic views over Sullivan Bay, Santiago and neighbouring islands. You’ll see various volcanic formations along the walk including lava flows and spatter cones, giving the place an almost lunar landscape.

The other landing site is a beach (wet landing) on the north coast near Pinnacle Rock which offers opportunities for swimming and snorkelling and you may be joined by sea lions and penguins. There’s a short trail leading to a beach on the southern coast where you can see stingrays, white-tipped and black-tipped sharks.