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Sombrero Chino Island

A tiny island just off the southest coast of Santiago. It is a cinder cone with the shape of a Chinese hat.

Sombrero Chino Island

The Chinese hat shape can be seen when looking from the north. The make up of the island is mainly lava and spatter cones, including fragile lava tubes and other formations. Being such a small island, only small yachts can visit. The channel between Santiango and Sombrero Chino is usually a beautiful turquoise, and a great place to swim or snorkel and a very pretty site.

Sombrero Chino

In the sea you might find yourself nose to nose with a white-tipped shark (harmless), a ray and perhaps even a penguin amongst the tropical fish. There is a sea lion population here too of course, and the curious youngsters often come to swim up and see what you are.

After landing (wet landing) there is a short trail around the west coast, Look out for Sally Lightfoot crabs, marine iguanas and lava lizards.