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Galapagos dove

The Galapagos dove is found throughout the islands. It is the only dove likely to be seen away from human settlements.

Galapagos Dove

It has a reddish head, neck and breast with largely brown feathers on its back, tail and wings. It has a bright blue ring around its eye. There are 2 subspecies, Galapagoensis, found on all islands except Wolf, and Exsul found only on Darwin and Wolf Islands.

The Galapagos dove lives on rocky lowlands and feeds on seeds, though in the mating season it also consumes cactus flowers and caterpillars. The breeding season is from February to June. It nests on the ground and females usually lay 2 eggs. In the past it was an easy target for hunters but nowadays its main threat is from feral cats. The population is considered generally stable.
The Galapagos Dove can be found on most islands, though less so on Floreana, San Cristobal and Santa Cruz.